Teacher and Student Resource for AIM Aural Skills Practice

These aural files correspond to the aural skills sample test that is found in the 2014 AIM Syllabus. Students can take the practice aural skills exam by clicking on each link to play the audio file in the default media player, or right click to save link to .mp3 file.

Answers to all the aural files are also found in the 2014 AIM Syllabus

Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
3.1 Intervals Intro 4.1 Scale ID 5.1 Scale ID
3.1a 4.2 Intervals Intro 5.2 Intervals Intro
3.1b 4.2a 5.2a
3.1c 4.2b 5.2b
3.1d 4.2c 5.2c
3.1e 4.2d 5.2d
3.2 Major or Minor ID 4.2e 5.2e
3.3 Chord Progression ID 4.3 Chord Progression ID 5.3 Chord Progression ID
3.4 Dictation 4.4 Dictation 5.4 Dictation
Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
6.1 Scale ID 7.1 Scale ID 8.1 Scale ID
6.2 Intervals Intro 7.2 Intervals Intro 8.2 Intervals Intro
6.2a 7.2a 8.2a
6.2b 7.2b 8.2b
6.2c 7.2c 8.2c
6.2d 7.2d 8.2d
6.2e 7.2e 8.2e
6.3 Chord Quality Intro 7.3 Chord Quality Intro 8.3 Chord Quality Intro
6.3a 7.3a 8.3a
6.3b 7.3b 8.3b
6.3c 7.3c 8.3c
6.4 Chord Progression ID 7.3d 8.3d
6.5 Dictation 7.4 Chord Progression ID 8.4 Chord Progression ID
  7.5 Dictation 8.5 Dictation
Level 9 Level 10 Level 11
9.1 Scale ID 10.1 Scale ID 11.1 Scale ID  
9.2 Intervals Intro 10.2 Intervals Intro 11.2 Chord Position Intro  
9.2a 10.2a 11.2a  
9.2b 10.2b 11.2b  
9.2c 10.2c 11.2c  
9.2d 10.2d 11.2d  
9.2e 10.2e 11.3 Chord Progression ID  
9.3 Chord Quality Intro 10.3 Chord Position Intro 11.4 Dictation  
9.3a 10.3a    
9.3b 10.3b Level 12  
9.3c 10.3c 12.1 Scale ID  
9.3d 10.3d 12.2 Seventh Chord Intro  
9.4 Chord Progression ID 10.4 Chord Progression ID 12.2a  
9.5 Dictation 10.5 Dictation 12.2b  
    12.3 Chord Progression ID  
    12.4 Dictation