Achievement in Music

AIM (Achievement in Music)

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, AIM Exams have been modified to offer exams in a variety of format so that students may select the option that best meets their needs.  Please read the FAQ that will have all the information on these options.

Need a goal for theory and performance? This is it.

Achievement in Music (AIM) is a statewide exam recently revised (by our own teachers who use it) to be practical and student-friendly. AIM offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes theory and technique as well as piano performance. The AIM Syllabus provides teachers with a sequential outline of piano study helpful in preparing students for yearly assessments. Students benefit by having specific goals to achieve at every level, while teachers and parents are given an independent evaluation of student progress.

More information on exam locations, dates, and fees

Information for level 12 students and completion awards

Upcoming Dates for AIM Theory Exams:

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