AIM Awards Information

Level 12 Information

  • Level 12 Repertoire Approval: Teachers must obtain Level 12 repertoire approval by the state AIM Performance chair, at least 5 months prior to the exam or recital.  Email repertoire selections for approval to Stephanie Myers at
  • Performance Exam: Level 12 students will only take the technique portion of the exam on one of the exam days. Level 12 Recital or Repertoire exam will be schedule at a later date to be determined by the teacher.
  • Level 12 Recitals: Teacher/Student will secure the date, time and location. Recitals can take place in teacher or student’s home.
  • Program Notes: Must submit to site coordinator at least 2 weeks prior to the recital or repertoire exam. Program notes may include a concise summary of the historical period, biographical information on the composer and a few sentences about the circumstances surrounding the piece(s). Also may include any poignant details for the audience to listen for and/or personalized details about the significance of the piece to the performer.

Awards from ISMTA (state)

  • Pins: Level 1-12 who completed theory exam, even if performance exam is not completed.
  • Plaques: Level 9 or first upper level, if level 9 is skipped. Minimum passing score to earn plaque is combined average of theory and performance score of 80. 
  • Attachable Metal Bar: Levels 9-12;  these attach to the plaque received at level 9   Minimum passing score to earn plaque is combined average of theory and performance score of 80. 
  • Certificates: ALL levels who complete both theory AND performance exams. Minimum passing score is 65 for each exam.

Please see the Forward (p. vii) of the 2014 AIM Syllabus for complete information on Awards.

Awards from NSMTA

  • Medals and Turquoise Ribbon: for NEW students taking AIM with NSMTA for the first time
  • Composer Statuettes: Levels 1-12 who complete theory AND performance exams
  • Trophies: Levels 10-12 or after plaque is awarded.  Students that receive a plaque at a level other than 9 will not receive a trophy in the same level 


$100 Monetary awards are given to all  Level 12 students and the top combined theory and performance scoring student in Level 10 and Level 11.  These awards are given in the honor and memory of Becky Ruhrdanz and Agnes Anderson.  In addition to successfully meeting all AIM requirements, students must also meet the following requirements:

  • Receive a minimum combined theory and performance score of 89 or above
  • Participate in AIM at NSMTA with an NSMTA teacher for at least 3 years