Merle Hanson College Scholarship Award-Performance (or)
Merle Hanson College Scholarship Award- Music Related Field.


Students who have studied with a member of the North Shore Music Teachers Association for the past three years are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The teacher’s dues must be paid by October 31st of the current year.

The $1,000 scholarship is available to graduating high school seniors who are enrolling in a university, college or conservatory in a program that will prepare them for careers in music or a music-related field (performance, music education, theory-composition, musicology, music-business, music therapy, etc.)

Each candidate must submit to the scholarship chair:

  1. Verification of acceptance by the chosen school
  2. A record of musical activities
  3. A statement of personal goals or longer essay (see below)
  4. Supporting portfolio file(s) that could consist of:
  • A performance video on YouTube of two memorized works of contrasting periods and no longer than 20 minutes.
  • A longer essay of no more than 500 words instead of a statement of goals.
  • Score copies of two original compositions, preferably with a YouTube video of a performance of the compositions, no longer than 20 min
  • A YouTube video of student teaching.

Applications may be downloaded from the NSMTA website, scanned, and sent with attached portfolio files by midnight May 1st,  to Betty Benton, Scholarship Chair at:

The scholarship of $1,000 will be payable in two checks of $500 each. The first check will be presented at the NSMTA Winners Recital in May where the winner is invited to perform. The second check will be sent to the student at the end of the first semester after the Scholarship Chair has received a record of acceptable grades.


NSMTA offers two scholarships, a Junior Scholarship and a Senior Scholarship of $200 each per year.


Students who are studying with a NSMTA member who has paid dues by October 31, 2019 are eligible to apply for a Summer Music Program scholarship.

Junior Scholarship

Students who are currently in grades 5, 6, and 7.

Senior Scholarship

Students who are currently in grades 8-12

Each candidate will submit to the scholarship chair a record of musical activities and a statement of personal goals. Candidates must also submit a link to a You Tube video (no longer than 15-20 minutes) of two works from contrasting periods for a panel of judges who will select the winner. Send the link online to These pieces must be listed on the application and must be memorized. A letter of validation from the program must be sent to the Scholarship chair at the time of application in order for the applicant to receive a check. The winner will be presented with the $200 check at the NSMA Winner’s Recital in the spring. The winners are encouraged to perform.