Teacher Help Requirement

The NSMTA Sonata – Sonatina Festival has continued to attract nearly 200 participants each year, and feedback from members and judges indicates that the event continues to be a successful and enriching experience for students.

Teacher Help Requirement for Sonata – Sonatina Festival:

  • All participating teachers are required to help in some capacity, in the same way as in the operation of the AIM program. This is your requirement for student participation.
  • No substitute helpers will be allowed, requiring the teacher on record to be present.   No substitutes (parents, students, relatives, etc.) can replace the teacher volunteer for the assigned job.
  • Teachers are to complete their assigned job times and not leave prematurely, as this causes disruptions for all involved.
  • Any teacher in violation of these volunteer guidelines will not be allowed to participate in the festival the following year.

Participating teachers will be asked to select their times of availability when they register their students for the Festival. The teacher volunteer help requirement matches how the AIM program runs and will involve more teachers professionally in our NSMTA events.

NEW THIS YEAR: Elimination of Gold Medal Recital Helpers. Teachers will be assigned jobs for no more than 1.5 hours on Festival Day, although there will be limited numbers of jobs for related responsibilities.

Please save the following date for SSF so that you can plan for your availability and participation on this date. We look forward to another successful Festival this year!

         Sonata – Sonatina Festival: Sunday, Feb. 9, 2020

Please save the following dates for SSF and Gold Medal Recital so that you can plan for your availability and participation on these dates.
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