Tamara Sarajishvili Dominguez

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Tamara Sarajishvili Dominguez was born and raised up in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia (then part of the USSR). Tamara started playing piano at the age of six and was immediately accepted at the prestigious Music School for Gifted Children in Tbilisi. During Tamara’s study at this school, in addition to taking part in numerous concerts, she performed with the Georgian State Orchestra several times.

From 1986, Tamara studied piano at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire, finishing her studies in 1991 with a Master’s Degree under the guidance of famous Georgian pianist Nino Chirakadze. On completion of this course, Tamara was awarded the Diploma ‘Higher Education Degree’ in the former USSR. According to this diploma, Tamara had the qualifications of professional piano teacher and performer.

After graduation from the Conservatoire, Tamara started teaching piano at the college of Instrumental and Performing Art in Tbilisi.

In 2002, Tamara worked for a period as a pianist at the Thistle Hyde Park Hotel in London. From 2003, Tamara moved to Paris where have completed the course at Conservatoire Supérior de Région de Paris (CNR) under the guidance of famous French pianist Yves Henry. Tamara continued her teaching and performing career in Paris.

Tamara enjoys performing and has appeared in many and varied settings with repertoire ranging from light music to classical music. Tamara is fluent in English, French, Georgian and Russian.

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