How to Join North Shore Music Teachers Association

Welcome and bravo to you for exploring the advantages of joining our local professional music teachers association, ’North Shore Music Teachers Association!’   We are delighted to welcome you to our group and all that it can offer you and your students.  

North Shore Music Teachers Association, (NSMTA) is affiliated with ‘Music Teachers National Association’, (MTNA), and ‘Illinois State Music Teachers Association’ (ISMTA).  It is required that members belong to all three organizations, starting at the national level. 

2018/2019 Annual Dues for each membership are:

The application process begins at the national level, and may be completed in only one step!

Join the “Music Teachers National Association”

Membership is $79/year. You can join by visiting the NMTA website.

Learn more about the benefits of joining here: NMTA Benefits

Join the “Illinois State Music Teachers Association”

Membership is $35/year. 

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Join the “North Shore Music Teachers Association”

Membership is $18/year.